Dec 13, 2008

Love + Surprise + Rose = { }

I can't understand the way sacrifices, surprises and love affecting a relationship. Sometimes, it looks like the only thing that bring a big wide smile in a life of two. But it appears to be, it's not really "it" what you expect from "the someone" to be shown as a reaction for a combination from love, sacrifices and surprises. Then, What you can do is your choice really.. You can just sit there quietly, thinking of how dumb you are, how much time you've wasted working on that, how much dream you had about the reaction you expected and wondering if there's something else more interesting which is better than what you did. Or... you can just sit there with a big wide smile, and say to yourself that you've done something nice for someone. Although it's not something they respect or even cherish.. You're still be proud that you have the courage to do something for someone.

It's not a big deal if you do it for just someone in your life. But it'll last forever hurt in your mind, if you do it for someone who has an important meaning and role in your life. Someone whom you would always expect to make you smile, specially on a surprise-things-situation, even if it wasn't a red blooming rose, although it's just a piece a paper, written... "happy birthday", or just a simple "hi!".

anyway.. i'm still questioning the power of roses..